Music Theory - 01 - What is an OCTAVE

Music Theory Tutorial: What is an OCTAVE?

In this video, let us explore some Music Theory. Let us take a look at OCTAVES. What is an OCTAVE?

A piano looks like this (please see the video below).

There you can notice that a set of piano-keys repeat. 

For example, if I start from the first key on the left in the above video, I see three white piano-keys housing two black piano-keys in between. 

Then four more white piano-keys surrounding a new set of three black piano keys. That would be seven white piano keys with five black piano keys in between. 

A total of 12 piano keys.

Now if we move along to the right, we can also another set of 12 piano keys arranged in the same pattern. We can see the same on the left too. 

Each set is called as an OCTAVE.

How many OCTAVES can you see here? Three. Octave 1, 2 and 3. 

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