Music Theory - C Major Scale and Chords in a C Major Scale

C Major Scale

C Major Scale consists of the following notes.

C   D   E   F   G   A   B

It includes all the white keys in a piano.

C Major Scale

The C Major Scale contains the following chords. At this point I am keeping this simple and so am displaying just the triads. A triad is a chord containing three notes. (Chords can contain more than three notes too).

C Major Chord:

C Major Chord
Notes : C  E  G

A 'C Major Chord' is also referred as the first chord in the C Major Scale. This is a major chord and so it is referred as Chord I or I.

FL Studio Tutorial - How to use volume automation in FL Studio - Lesson 20

Volume Automation in FL Studio

Using Volume Automation to adjust the volume level

As explained in the above video, click on the left-top corner of the audio clip in your playlist. Then choose the appropriate link for volume automation.

This will display the volume level meter within the audio clip.

FL Studio Tutorial - How to remove noise from audio - Lesson 19

FL Studio Tutorial - How to remove noise from audio - Lesson 19 

Removing unwanted noise from an audio clip

To begin with, the ideal situation for any recording is to have a place where there is no unwanted noise.

That many not be possible in most of the home studio setups as there will be some kind of hum noise generated by a Heater or AC or even a desktop or a laptop with a noisy fan inside.

FL Studio Tutorial - Record your Voice in FL Studio - Lesson 18

How to Record Your Voice in FL Studio?

FL Studio - Voice Recording

FL Studio provides a mixer track in which Inputs and Outputs can be configured.

This would be based on the Sound Card driver which has been configured in. So, we would need to choose a mixer track and enable to appropriate input as shown in the video.

In this video, it would a Mic input for vocal recording.