FL Studio 12 Tutorial - 08 - Karaoke in FL Studio

To begin with, if you are looking for ways to remove vocals
from a song, this video isn't for you.

In this video let us take a look into Karaoke in FL Studio. 

Let us say you have a Karaoke track and want to sing along. To do that, import
the Karaoke audio file, usually in MP3 format into the play list.

I am going to use a track that I made. This isn’t a karaoke
track. But just wanted to show you the idea and also not violating anyone’s

Put it in its own mixer track. Don't leave it in your master

Then select the mixer track that you want to record into.
Select its input. Hit record in to playlist. Then sing along.

Normally, I mute the speakers and use a headphone to listen
the output while I am singing.

I also do not route the track to Master while singing
because I would hear the output of my singing with a little lag. This will
throw the timing out. This is important.

Then sing along.

Once it is done, use mixing, which we will talk in the later
video and produce the song.

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