FL Studio 12 Stutorial - 09 - Tempo or BPM or Beat per Minute in FL Studio

12th video for the series, FL Studio 12 Tutorial. This video introduces Tempo or BPM or Beat per Minute of a song.

Now we are few steps closer to composing our own song.

Now a song can compose of variety of components such as melody, chords, rhythm, automation etc. But everything depends on a basic underlying component, which is the tempo.

What is it anyway?

Like our heartbeat, every song has its own its own beat.

However it can be faster or slower. A composer determines that.

But how do we put it in writing?

I cannot just say faster..mmm..little slower.

However I can say, my song has 130 beats per minute. What this means is, in a minute, my song will have 130 beats in a minute.

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