FL Studio 12 Tutorial - 11 - Steps per beat in FL Studio

Now let us take a look into this ‘Steps per beat’.

From the previous video, remember our settings. It is still in these. Beat per bar is 4 and Steps per beat is 1.

Now let me play the metronome and record a melody.

I know that each rhythm note is a beat and I have 4 beats per bar.

Let me record the melody. And paste it in the playlist. Then let me make a rhythm for it.

Here, I can play only one rhythm note in beat. This single note fills the entire gap between two beats.

What is I wanted to play more rhythm notes those gaps?

FL Studio allows us to do that by splitting the beat into two or more steps. If I split a beat into 4 steps, then the first step falls on the beat. The next three steps fills in the gap between that beat and the next beat. And it goes like that.

Why do we need that? To make the rhythm interesting. Otherwise the rhythm could get boring.

So, this option ‘Steps per beat’ specifies the number of steps in beat.

What is FL Studio?

FL Studio is a leading Music Production System which can be used to compose and create songs. 

If you are into song composition, FL Studio might help you.

Also, I hope this tutorial series is helpful.

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