FL Studio 12 Tutorial - 10 - What is a bar?

What is a bar?

If you are watching this video and practicing it, now make the changes as I do. Go to Options and ‘Project General Settings’. 

You should see, Beats per Bar and Steps per beat. It took a while for me to understand this ‘Steps per beat’. I will explain this in subsequent videos. 

However now let us learn by simplifying things. So go and change them to 1. 

In the previous video we saw about Beats per minute, which specifies the number of beats that will be in there in a minute. 

So let me use the drums and make a note for each beat. How does it sound? Not good, right?

However if I break them in to a smaller chunk which is repeatable? It sounds nice. 

Generally the songs follow a repeatable pattern of such chunk. And this chunk is called as a bar. 

And the composer specifies the number of beats that will be there in a bar.

What is FL Studio?

FL Studio is a leading Music Production System which can be used to compose and create songs. 

If you are into song composition, FL Studio might help you.

Also, I hope this tutorial series is helpful.

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