FL Studio Tutorial - Record your Voice in FL Studio - Lesson 18

How to Record Your Voice in FL Studio?

FL Studio - Voice Recording

FL Studio provides a mixer track in which Inputs and Outputs can be configured.

This would be based on the Sound Card driver which has been configured in. So, we would need to choose a mixer track and enable to appropriate input as shown in the video.

In this video, it would a Mic input for vocal recording.

By default every track's output would be routed to the Master track. And the sound that we hear is from the Master Track.

So, when a singer records her voice, she would also hear it from the Master Track with a latency. And this will affect her performance. This can be prevented by disabling the vocal track's output to the Master Track.

For example, if the Singer's Mic has been placed in Track 10, then we would need to disable its output-route to the Master track. We can re-enable this when needed.

Of course, this is not needed if you have a professional grade setup.

Then click the Record button as shown in the video and proceed with a simple recording.